A prep-school AU where Merida is the captain of her lacrosse team and is constantly getting detention for daydreaming or eating in class and sneaks off at night to explore the nearby forest and I don’t know where I’m going with this but I just really love this character.



My friend has identical triplet boys and she dressed them up as the boys from Brave.


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I want my freedom!

Elinor!  The best movie mom




I actually just looked this up and found out some interesting things.

Young MacGuffin speaks in a North East Doric dialect which obviously is hard to understand. Originally he was going to just speak gibberish but his voice actor, Kevin McKidd, suggested he try a few lines in Doric and Pixar loved it and kept it. Found a couple translations too, but only one of them applies to this gif set and that’s the third one after Merida gave her speech about letting them choose who they marry:

It’s just not fair making us fight for the hand of a girl who doesn’t want anything to do with it. You know?


this changes everything


Pixar’s Merida, from the upcoming Brave.

I really can’t wait, I’m so excited for this movie. THESE FEELS OF MINE. 
This is so different from the drawing I did yesterday. I think I like this one better. :) 


Note: I’m sorry this is going to be really choppy. I can’t ever translate Japanese into English successfully. It’s difficult for me since I think in Japanese, then to hear it and to translate it and translate it again, it gets a little confusing for me. Bear with me. And if anyone would love to have a go to correct me, please do. Here it goes…

Narrator: From long ago, the humans and the forest lived peacefully together…Until the laws of the forests were broken.

Writing: Born as princess…

Queen Elinor: Listen here, Merida in order to be a proper Queen, you need refinement/elegance and endurance.

Writing: A Girl who fights for her freedom

Merida: Living like this every day is too constraining.

Writing: Her name is Merida

Merida: Please, let me meet the witch

Witch: Tell me your wish

Merida: I want to be free

Witch: This is a charm that will change your fate.

(I can’t understand what that deep voice is saying, unfortunately)

Queen Elinor: This is very sinister… The forest is making an uproar

King Fergus: What on Earth is going on?

Writing: The humans must follow the laws of the forest

Random character: The law of the forest has been broken. This means war!

Queen Elinor: What exactly did you do in the forest?

Merida: This is all my fault…

Queen Elinor: Long ago, the laws of the forest was broken by a Prince who used magic, and because of that the kingdom crumbled.

Merida: Is this the forest’s curse?

Merida: Help me!

King Fergus: The time has come!

Merida: I have to protect the kingdom.

Witch: You won’t be able to reverse the curse once the sun comes up.

Background character: Hurry! To the forest!

Queen Elinor: Merida!

Merida: Mother!

The title in Japan is called “Merida and the Frightening Forest”

“If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?”


“Brave” family portrait preliminary sketch.

Tomorrow I’ll be done colouring it :3 I hope you’ll like it…


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Would have added the triplets but I thought it looked better with just ‘lil Merida.



+ Brave (2012) official concept artwork of Merida’s three younger brothers from the D23 Expo panel

I’ll restraining myself from screaming but look at how adorable Hamish, Harris, and Hubert look! :3


Disney Pixar Brave (The Bear and the Bow)